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Adjustable Ceiling Recessed LED Spotlight

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Spotlights are typical modern genre lighting without main lamps and fixed scale, which can create an indoor lighting atmosphere. And if a row of small spotlights is combined, the light can change a wonderful pattern. Since the small spotlight can change the angle freely, the effect of combined lighting is also varied.

The classification of LED spotlights:

1. Lower illumination lamp. It can be installed on the ceiling, above the bedhead, in the cabinet, and can also be hanged, floored, and suspended.

2. Track spotlights. Most of them are made of metal spraying or ceramic materials, with pure white, beige, light gray, gold, silver, black and other tones. The shape is long, round, and the specifications and sizes are different.

The beam of light projected by the spotlight can be concentrated on a painting, a sculpture, a pot of flowers, a fine decoration, etc., or it can be shone on the back of the swivel chair where the owner of the room sits, creating a colorful and strange light and shadow effect.

3. Cold light spotlight.


1. Adjust the space atmosphere 

Spotlights can provide a lot of warmth for creating a space atmosphere;

2. Make the space more layered

Under the background of spotlights, through the alternating light and dark wall, the entire background wall can be more layered and beautiful;

3. Emergency lighting

When the main light is broken, the spotlight can be used as auxiliary lighting, and can also be used as an emergency lighting for space, to avoid darkening because there is only one main lamp that is broken;

4. Supplementary lighting

In some cases, such as when threading needles, the overall space may need to be brighter, and the light of the main lamp is not enough, so the spotlight can supplement the lighting of the space.

  • The angled design is the main feature of the spotlight, because it can adjust the position and direction of the beam according to the angle, giving it its own unique spatial visual aesthetics in terms of light and shadow outline and space atmosphere creation.

  • The common beam angles of spotlights are 15°, 24° and 36°. Depending on the lighting needs, the spatial atmosphere they present is also different.

  • In the layout, if it is used for local point-to-point lighting, such as a vase, pillar, etc. that need to use light and shadow to highlight the local effect, the spotlight beam angle is generally selected to be 15°, or even smaller; if it is used for slightly larger area lighting, local lighting, etc. When washing walls and creating light and dark levels, the angle is generally 24°; if it is used for large-area wall washing, lighting, etc., the angle is 36°.






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