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Aluminum slim purification LED batten light Tube

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Model Voltage

Luminus Flux(Lm)

Product Size D*H(mm) Carton Dimension( cm) LED trips Notice


1500lm 75*30*600 61*32*23 2835-0.2W 88PCS Purifying lamp
1200-36W 3000lm 75*30*1200 121*32*23 2835-0.2W 176PCS

  • 180° wide Angle beam, stronger light distribution.

  • The purpose of purifying the lamp is to protect the environment and avoid the accumulation of dust on the lamp, which causes the clean workshop to be polluted. General lamps will accumulate dust because of electrostatic adsorption, or shape reasons; Sometimes the dust will fall will affect the clean environment, such lamps require to avoid electrostatic adsorption; At the same time, the shape of the streamline, with the air conditioning direction, does not bring dust accumulation. At the same time, there are two kinds of embedded installation and open installation, the main strip type.

  • Well-designed and flatter: 27mm thick, close to the gypsum board, plus the curvature of the shell, more beautiful, easier to integrate with the ceiling, power factor of 0.9, in line with domestic and foreign standards, safe and assured. Integrated drive power supply design, easier to install, more robust. Stainless steel mounting bracket, chute can be flexibly selected screw hole position.

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