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Decorative Candle Bulb Efficient LED light

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In the current home decoration, LED lights are widely used, which greatly improves the visual effect and warm atmosphere of the entire space. Due to the increasing market demand, the design is also more humane and personalized in the light styles.

How to change the LED Candle light

1. Disconnect the power first, then use a rag to clean around the bulb, remove the outer lampshade, and find the damaged bulb.

2. If one end of the bulb has turned black, the bulb is damaged and it is recommended to replace it. It is necessary to prepare a high-quality bulb with similar specifications to the original one in advance.

3. Then remove the old bulb according to the structure of the bulb.

4. Install a new light bulb and connect to the power supply to ensure that there are no omissions.

5. Reinstall the lampshade and turn on the light to test.

LED candle lights have the advantages of light weight, good heat dissipation, beautiful and high-end appearance, and strong decoration. They are named because the shape of LED candle lights is similar to the candle flame.


The main difference between led candle lights and bulb lights is the appearance design of led candle lamps and bulb lights. LED candle lights are often used in a variety of scenarios, which enhances the noble elegance and warm atmosphere of the entire space.

With its enduring toughness, our LED Candle Light ensures long stretches of dependable execution. Pick our LED Candle Light for a modern and useful lighting arrangement that meets generally your home and business lighting needs. Experience the ideal mix of style, proficiency, and sturdiness that this item brings to the table. Enlighten your environmental factors with polish and make the ideal atmosphere for any event.





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