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Long Lifespan Versatile LED A-Shape bulb

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LED A-shape bulb is a type of light bulb that has a distinctive oval or pear shape. It is energy-efficient and can last up to 25 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. Whereas a traditional light bulb would use 80W to produce 940lm, this LED version uses just 11W equating to an energy-efficiency of 85lm/W.



  • Energy saving: The energy consumption of white LED is only 1/10 of that of incandescent lamps and 1/4 of that of energy-saving lamps;

  • Long lifespan: The life span can reach more than 100,000 hours;

  • Environmental protection: LED lamps are solid light emitters that are not only shock-resistant and not easily broken, but the waste can also be recycled without polluting the environment.

  • Safety: It does not contain harmful elements such as mercury and sodium and does not pose any radiation hazard to the human body.

How to choose a LED bulb

1. Pay attention to lumen and color temperature

  • In general, lumens refer to a candle - the brightness of a candle that appears up to a meter away. For example, a 40-watt incandescent corresponds to approximately 470 lumens. In order to obtain the same amount of lighting, LED bulbs correspond to 5-watt bulbs, which can ensure nearly 90% energy saving.

  • Color temperature is the color of the light emitted by the bulb. Color temperature is the color of light emitted by a light bulb. The unit is Kelvin (k). The hue of the bulbs varies from warm white to cool white. That is, from 2700k to 6500k.


2. Pay attention to the color rendering index of the bulb

  • Color rendering index: refers to the characteristics of different colors when light sources of different spectra are irradiated on objects of the same color.

  • The color rendering index (Ra) is usually used to express the color rendering of the light source. The higher the color rendering index of the light source, the better the color rendering performance.

  • With its versatility and efficiency, this A-shape LED bulb flawlessly mixes into any room stylistic theme, adding a bit of tastefulness to your living space.


应用场景 应用场景2

How to install LED A-Shape bulb

First of all, we need to understand the specifications of the bulb that needs to be replaced, such as whether there is a difference in the power supply voltage. If the bulb is selected incorrectly, it will become unusable or even damaged. There is also the question of whether the connection port of the light bulb is a screw or a socket. Therefore, before replacement, make sure it is a product with the same specifications and voltage.






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