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Pragmatic LED Plant (Grow)Light

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LED Plant grow light is a special kind of lamp, its according to the law of plant growth must need the principle of sunlight, use light instead of sunlight to provide a good growth environment for plants.

Product parameters:

Voltage: 85-265V

Power: 9W, 14W, 18W, 28W, 36W

Length: 0.6m, 0.9m, 1.2m.

Luminous angle: 270 degrees

PPE: 2.2 umol/J (DLC standard: > 1.9 umol/J)

Application: LED plant grow lights are commonly used in various indoor gardening setups, including hydroponics, avionics and vertical farming systems. They can be used for growing a wide range of plants, from herbs and vegetables to flowers and ornamental plants.

Effects of different spectra/light qualities on plants;

1. Violet light of 390-405 nm can inhibit overgrowth, promote the coloring of petals and leaves, and improve the quality of plants.

2. Blue light with the wavelength of 450-460 nm can thicken the main stems and leaves, help to synthesize protein and amino acids, and improve the quality of plant output.

3. The green yellow light is 515-580 nm, which can promote the growth of roots and early germination and allow plants to accumulate nutrients.

4. Red light is 655-665 nm, which is the main force of photosynthesis, promoting the overall growth of plants, promoting flowering and fruiting, increasing yield and reducing the incidence of abnormal fruits.

5. Infrared light of 730-740 nm can inhibit the flowering of plants, control the flowering cycle, make plants produce shading effect and promote the rapid growth of plants.


1. The wavelength types are abundant, which is consistent with the spectral range of plant light synthesis and light morphology; 

2. Pure monochromatic light and composite spectra can be obtained by combining as needed; 

3. It can concentrate specific wavelengths of light to evenly irradiate crops; 

4. It can not only regulate crop flowering and fruiting, but also control plant height and nutrient composition of plants; 

5. The system has less heat generation and occupies less space, which can be used for multi-layer cultivation three-dimensional combination systems, achieving low heat load and miniaturization of production space.

Our innovative LED grow light is designed to revolutionize your indoor gardening experience. Our Full Spectrum LED Grow Light combines high efficiency and energy-saving technology to provide plants with the optimal light spectrum for all growth stages. With adjustable intensity, durable construction, and long-lasting performance, this versatile grow light is perfect for indoor gardening, hydroponics, and greenhouse cultivation.

The modern design of our LED grow light adds a sleek and stylish touch to any growing space, while its compact size makes it easy to install and user-friendly. Promote plant growth, abundant yields, and optimal nutrient absorption with our advanced technology. Whether you're focusing on root development, flowering, fruit production, or vegetative growth, our LED grow light is the perfect solution for all your plant cultivation needs.

Experience the benefits of photosynthesis, light wavelengths, and reliable performance with our LED grow light. Enhance plant health, encourage growth stages, and maximize harvests with this efficient and user-friendly lighting solution. From the seedling stage to cloning, our LED grow light provides supplemental lighting with wide light coverage, efficient heat dissipation, UV protection, and IR radiation.

Take advantage of the timer function and remote control options to customize your lighting schedule and ensure your plants receive the perfect amount of light. Say goodbye to traditional grow lights and switch to our Full Spectrum LED Grow Light for superior plant growth and exceptional results. Upgrade your indoor gardening setup with our LED grow light today.





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