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High quality Recessed Anti-Glare LED Down light

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Down light is a hidden lamp embedded in the ceiling. All of its light is projected downward and belongs to the direct light distribution. You can use different reflectors, lenses, blinds and bulbs to get different light effects. Its versatility, energy efficiency and long life span make it ideal for both residential and commercial spaces.


1. Parameters: 3W, 5W, 7W, 9W, 12W, 15W, 20W; 186-264V; 180lm、300lm、450lm、600lm、800lm、1000lm、1200lm; The color rendering index is greater than 80.

2. The light-emitting surface is increased and the large light-emitting angle of 120 makes the space more spacious and comfortable, which is 43% higher than that of the traditional downlight (installation tip: it is recommended that the installation interval of downlight is 1-2 meters).

3. The lamp body can rotate horizontally in 360 degrees, which is convenient for you to adjust at will.

4. The lamp body increases the distance between the light source and the luminous port, and effectively absorbs light to achieve the anti-glare effect.

5. In addition to monochrome downlights, there are downlights with adjustable color temperature for you to choose from. Single color temperature is simple and versatile; The adjustable three color temperatures can help you overcome the difficulty in choosing. One lamp can adapt to different decoration styles and create a variety of family atmosphere.


1. The concealed installation method can maintain the integrity of architectural decoration.

2. Low light does not occupy space, which can increase the soft atmosphere of space and reduce the pressure of space.

3. Tested by professional quality inspection institutions, it meets the low blue light standard, so please feel free to apply it. The wavelength between 380 and 500 nanometers is called high blue light. It has been scientifically proved that blue light can easily lead to vision loss and visual fatigue. Because of the short wavelength of blue light, the focus point is not at the center of retina, but at the front of retina. If the eyes want to see things clearly, the eye muscles will be in a state of tension for a long time, which will affect the health of fundus and harm our skin.

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Introducing our innovative Slim Design LED Down Light, a top-of-the-line lighting solution that combines energy-efficient technology with bright illumination for a variety of applications. With an adjustable angle and dimmable functionality, this downlight offers customizable lighting options to suit your needs.

Featuring a range of color options and a long lifespan, our eco-friendly LED Down Light is perfect for residential and commercial spaces. The easy installation process and uniform lighting make it a hassle-free choice for any setting. Its stylish look and compact size add a touch of modern elegance to your space.

Available in various sizes with a remote control option and smart features, this downlight offers convenience and versatility. The anti-glare design and motion sensor compatibility ensure a comfortable lighting experience. With a high CRI and energy-saving mode, this downlight is both efficient and effective.

Enjoy quick setup and durable build for long-lasting performance. The noise-free operation and smart home readiness make it a seamless addition to your lighting setup. Enhance the ambiance of your space with directional light and efficient cooling technology.

With an integrated driver and cost-effective operation, our LED Down Light offers both style and savings. Choose from a variety of trim options and mounting flexibility to suit your needs. Experience daylight simulation and a wide color range with this modern lighting solution.

Create the perfect mood and atmosphere with our eco-conscious and stylish choice of LED Down Light. Upgrade your lighting setup with this cutting-edge downlight today.





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