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New Upgrade All in One LED Solar Street Light

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Solar street lamps use sunlight as their energy. During the day, the solar panels absorb solar energy to charge the batteries. At night, the batteries are discharged for use by the lamps.


1. Single crystal silicon solar cell modules are generally used as battery components;

2. The controller is generally placed inside the lamp pole and its main function is to protect the battery;

3. Solar street lights do not require underground cables or payment for lighting electricity, resulting in low installation and usage costs;

4. The layout of solar street lamps can be adjusted arbitrarily without the need for manual operation, ensuring stable and reliable operation.


1. A-class polycrystalline silicon solar panels, exported (CE certification), with photoelectric conversion efficiency over 18% and service life over 20 years.

2. The lithium battery (installed on the solar panel bracket) does not need to be buried underground, which is convenient to install, small in size, light in weight and high in charge and discharge efficiency. The service life of brand colloidal batteries is more than five years, and the service life of lithium batteries is longer than that of colloidal batteries.

3. The integrated heat dissipation structure of lamp holder has fast heat dissipation, high reflectivity of high-density die-cast aluminum shell and tempered glass, A-class sealing ring, good sealing performance and protection grade IP65.

4. Lightning protection intelligent controller with intelligent switching, light control and time control, intelligent overcharge and overdischarge protection functions, stable performance and extremely long service life.

5. Thickened boom interface, strong bearing capacity, safety and stability.

Our LED solar street lamps have strict material inspection, process inspection, finished product shipment inspection, to ensure that customers get satisfactory products. The company has a comprehensive pre-sales, in sales, and after-sales service system that considers your interests and truly achieves one-on-one service.





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