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Bar Living Room Chandelier with Adjustable Length And Angle

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Product Parameter:



1. Free lifting: no need to remove the lamp, you only need to stretch arbitrarily to adjust the height of the lamp freely. Not only can you "look down", but also "look forward". The lampshade can be adjusted up and down from 0-90° to meet different light needs. 90° hit on the wall to create an atmosphere, 45° hit the bed to illuminate the bedtime reading, various angles can be adjusted at will.

2.No video flash and strong light transmission

3.Aluminum lamp body, after multiple process treatment, durable, uniform color, anti-corrosion and anti-rust

Small chandelier
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The principle of free lifting:

The tension of the hanging wire automatic regulator on the hanging wire is generated by the internal power spring structural parts of the automatic regulator. And the tension generated by the power spring structural parts of the regulator and the gravity of the lamp body are just balanced with each other. When the lamp body is supported or pulled down and held in a position, the lamp body position is fixed. The structure of the hanging wire automatic adjuster is a rotating disc shaft, and the inside of the disc shaft is a power spring structural part, which is the power spring component. So that constitutes the self-locking function of the hanging wire expansion and adjustment.





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