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Cool, Warm, Natural Light LED T-shape bulb

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The T-shape LED Bulb is a type of LED bulb light that has a unique T-shape design with a long vertical stem and a horizontal light-emitting head. The bulb is designed to provide a wider coverage area and brighter lighting compared to traditional bulbs.

Reasons to choose LED T-shape bulbs

  • LED T-shape bulb light is mainly composed of lamp base, radiator, LED lamp board, constant current drive power supply and bulb cover.

  • Compared with ordinary incandescent lights and other lights, the internal structure is more complicated, and multiple parts are common cooperate, so the LED T-shape bulb has the attributes of low energy consumption, long life, high luminous efficiency, and more environmental protection.

  • Moreover, the light transmittance of the lampshade is high, the illumination uniformity is very good, and it is also friendly to the eyes.



1. With the energy-effective plan, these bulbs consume altogether less power contrasted with customary brilliant bulbs, settling on them an eco-accommodating decision for your home. Whether you want to light up your lounge room, kitchen, or room, our LED bulbs give predictable and dependable lighting all through your space.

2. Besides the fact that our LED lights offer predominant enlightenment, however their long life expectancy, diminishing the recurrence of substitutions.

3. Pick our LED lights for your private lighting needs and change your home into a sufficiently bright safe house. Experience the distinction in energy reserve funds with our exceptional LED bulbs.

Redesign your home lighting experience with the T-shape LED bulb. Its proficient plan, energy productivity, long life expectancy, and warm brightening pursue it the ideal decision for any family. Enlighten your space with certainty, realizing that you are settling on a shrewd and harmless to the ecosystem decision with the T-shape LED bulb.





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