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Cuddly LED Silicone Pat Night Light

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Silicone night light is a silicone product, it can not only be used as a desk lamp, ambient light, night light can also be a nursing lamp, for children and female friends are very attractive, silicone night light can change a variety of colors of light, only need to shoot can change light, both interesting and practical.

The feature of Silicone night light:

1. This product is a USB charging night light, which can be recharged.

2. There are 4 levels of light (warm light, natural white light, positive white light, cold light), touch will change light, according to personal preferences to adjust personal favorite lights.

3. Made of high-quality silicone material, feel soft and have a cute shape, is a good companion toy for children.

4. Battery life: 7 hours of high brightness, 120 hours of low brightness

5. Charging time: 4.5 hours, fast charging, overcharge protection, red indicator light on when charging, green indicator light on full charge

6. When charging, the red light is charging, and the green light is full.

7. The light is soft and eye-protecting, using energy-saving LEDs, and the semi-transparent silicone lampshade effectively protects the glasses from being soft and not dazzling.

8. Take it with you wherever you go, give children a night full of fantasy, give friends a childlike and cute memory, let the mother feed at ease, and make it convenient for parents to get up at night.

The advantages of silicone night light:

1. Take care of your baby's sleep and make your baby sleep more fragrant and sweeter

The night light is placed in a convenient and suitable place, which can effectively help parents get up at night to take care of the baby, and also maintain the sleeping atmosphere in the room without disturbing others to sleep, and also care for the baby's sleep. 

2. Bring a sense of security to babies sleeping in separate rooms.

After the baby sleeps in separate rooms, the child will feel lonely and afraid, at this time having a small night light can bring the child a sense of security, give the child courage, and make the child sleep more steadily.

Pay attention:

Darkness stimulates the brain to secrete melatonin. Melatonin can put your baby to sleep and also ensure a long sleep.

Dark light can promote your baby's sleep, and it is recommended to avoid using night lights for a long time.





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