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Decoration Signs Lighting Flexible LED Strip Light

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 1. The luminous color of the LED strip light

LED light source can use the principle of red, green and blue three primary colors, under the control of computer technology, the three colors have 256 levels of grayscale and mix arbitrarily, you can produce a variety of colors, forming a combination of different light colors. The light color of the LED combination is varied, and a variety of dynamic effects and various images can be realized.

The light strip is made of many lamp beads of the same specification, spliced together by different strings and numbers. Then, different series and parallel numbers, as well as circuit schemes, will make the light strip have different input voltages.

Low voltage strip light

Advantages and usage scenarios:

1. Safe voltage - can be used in easily accessible places to avoid the risk of electric shock.

2. Comes with adhesive backing - it can perfectly fit many scenes of glass, plate, and line light profiles.

3. Durable leather - a low voltage light strip has a longer service life than a high pressure light strip.

4. High flexibility - each parallel segment can be cut at will, (usually 5-10cm)

High voltage light strip:

Wide range of choices: there are many specifications and models, brightness and function can be freely selected, and the power range is roughly 5-10W.

How to pick LED strip light

1. The luminescence should be uniform

The brightness between the lamp bead and the lamp bead should be consistent, and the brightness of the light strip should be consistent, which is related to the voltage problem of the LED light.

2. The color temperature should be selected correctly

Generally speaking, the general space uses 3000K and 4000K color temperature light strips. But for some spaces, low-temperature light strips are necessary, such as high-end hotels and villa clubs.

3. The color rendering index should be greater than 80 (Ra>80)

The color rendering problem of LED strip, when the product is applied to indirect lighting slots, the relative importance is not very high, but when applied to a large area of luminous ceiling as basic lighting or used in the display cabinet as display lighting, the color rendering index Ra>80 is a professional LED strip must meet the requirements.

4. The light band should be continuous

The continuity of the light band is an important consideration for the effect in lighting design, which requires the entire light band to ensure no break and dark shadow.





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