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Dimmable Recessed Round And Square LED Panel Light

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The detachable LED panel lamp has two shapes, round and square, and is a lighting device installed on the ceiling or wall.

Compared with monochromatic panel lights, color-adjustable panel lights can provide more colors for space, which can meet different lighting needs to some extent, thus improving people's happiness in life.


1. Parameters: 6W/12W/18W;360lm/720lm/1050lm; 90-264VColor temperature 2700k→4000k→6500k.

2. The lamp body is die-cast aluminum, so the structure is more firm and precise, and the electroplating process is durable and new, and it is not easy to oxidize and discolor.

3. High-transparency acrylic /pc mask makes the light use efficiently.

4. There are two installation methods: surface installation and concealed installation. Exposed installation does not need to destroy the wall in a large area, so the installation is simpler and the brightness can be fully exerted. The installation process of concealed installation is slightly more complicated, but it can make the space more beautiful and generous.

5. It has a wide range of applications, including residential and commercial.

When choosing dimmable recessed LED panel lights, it's important to consider factors such as the size of the fixture, the color temperature of the light, the lumen output (brightness), and the beam angle (spread of light).

Overall, dimmable recessed round LED panel lights offer a versatile and energy-efficient lighting solution that can enhance the aesthetics and functionality of any space.

Introducing our cutting-edge LED Panel Light, a versatile lighting solution that combines innovative technology with modern design. Our Ultra-thin LED Panel Light is designed to provide energy-efficient and high brightness illumination for a wide range of applications. With even light distribution and dimmable capabilities, this panel light offers customizable lighting options to suit your needs.

The Color temperature adjustable feature allows you to create the perfect lighting ambiance, while the long lifespan and eco-friendly design make it a sustainable choice for any space. Ideal for office lighting, commercial spaces, and residential settings, our LED Panel Light boasts a modern and sleek appearance that enhances any environment.

Installation is a breeze with our Easy installation process, and the uniform illumination ensures a comfortable and productive lighting experience. Enjoy low maintenance and flicker-free operation, making this panel light eye-friendly and suitable for extended use. Available in multiple sizes, with a remote control option for added convenience, this panel light offers smart lighting features for a customized experience.

Experience the benefits of daylight simulation, slim profile, and anti-glare technology with our LED Panel Light. Save energy with the energy-saving mode and benefit from options such as motion sensor activation and high CRI for accurate color rendering. Elevate your space with the stylish and contemporary design of our panel light, featuring edge-lit technology and an integrated driver for seamless operation.

With quick start-up, wide beam angle, and ceiling or wall mountable options, our LED Panel Light is a versatile and efficient lighting solution. Enjoy heat dissipation technology, durable construction, and noise-free operation for a comfortable lighting experience. Compatible with smart home systems, this panel light can enhance the ambiance of any space. Upgrade your lighting setup with our advanced LED Panel Light today.





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