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Eye Protection Magnetic Induction Lamp

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Eye protection: our products adopt intelligent dual-mode design, when plugged in, the brightness can reach 6w brightness, and the light is clear and natural. If the battery is used, the light is soft, warm and comfortable, and the battery lasts for a long time. The lamp body adopts striped lamp shade design, the frame adopts semi-arc encircle design, striped lamp shade design and scientific lamp body structure can directly block glare. Anti-blue light harm, no video flash, can care for the eyes, reduce eye fatigue. Blue light is an important part of visible light, is generally present in nature, blue light wavelength between 400-500 nanometers, due to the short wavelength, so the energy is higher than red light, green light. The first half of the blue light (wavelength 400-450 nm) is "bad blue light", due to high energy, strong penetration, animal experiments have proved that this part of the blue light will damage the retina, this part of the short-wavelength blue light is more likely to harm the retina. This second half of the blue light (wavelength 450-500 nanometers) is "good blue light", which has an important role in regulating circadian rhythm and affecting refractive development, etc., and the right amount of such blue light is beneficial to the human body. Our products meet the technical standards of anti-blue light.

Magnetic absorption: Various installation methods, suitable for varying scenarios. It can be installed with screw hook, firm and beautiful. Can be 3M adhesive installation base, strong magnetic lamp body, easy to install. You can also freely hold the lamp to illuminate the target scene. It can also be easily hung and used as desired.

Induction: Long press infinity adjustment, short press fast four gear dimming. Brightness custom, easily create a different atmosphere to meet a variety of lighting needs. Three colors adjustable: 3000k, soft warm yellow light, comfortable leisure. 4000k, comfortable warm white light, clear reading. 5700k, bright natural white light, learning without tiring eyes.





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