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High Power Outdoor Ip67 Ip65 Integrated Led Solar Street Light

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 The working principle of solar LED lights

The basic principle of solar LED lamp is to use solar photovoltaic panels to convert sunlight into electricity, through the intelligent solar controller into the battery, when the natural illuminance is reduced to the need for lighting, through the intelligent controller (comparison circuit) and then the battery in the electrical energy output to the LED to emit visible light, when the natural illuminance rises to no longer need lighting, After the intelligent controller (comparison circuit) turn off the power output to the LED, so that the LED is extinguished no longer consumes power. In the system design has taken into account the rainy weather, the usual excess power is stored in the battery, so as to ensure that there is enough power to use in rainy days.

Application of solar LED lamp

Solar energy as a new green energy, with its incomparable advantages is being rapidly promoted and applied. Especially in remote areas without electricity, solar LED lights have wider application prospects. A bright spot in the combined application of LED and solar energy is landscape lighting. China has developed many new and unique, beautiful shape and excellent performance of non-main road street lights, lawn lights, garden lights, indicators and landscape lights in the photovoltaic lighting device with LED as the light source.





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