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High-brightness LED Corn Lamp

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Product Parameter:

Product name: High-light corn lamp

Input voltage: 85-265V

Power: 12W / 16W

LED lamp bead model: 2835

Number of LED lamp beads: 60 / 80 beads

Color temperature: 3000 / 4000 / 6000k

Light flux: 450 lm

Beam angle: 360 degrees

Head specification: E14 / E27

Light body material: Ceramic + PC

Color choice: Silver, gold, rose gold

Three colors of light. White light, neutral light, yellow light three kinds of light color heart tone. White light mode: bright, refreshing, bright, suitable for parties, study, office and so on. Neutral light mode: close to natural light, soft, bright light, suitable for after-dinner entertainment, interaction and leisure, etc. Yellow light mode: the light is warm and soft, suitable for reading and adjusting the atmosphere before bed.


1. 360 Ring light without dark area, the lighting range is wider, and the lampshade is highly transparent, bright but not dazzling.

2. High quality LED chips and stable drive, no visible strobe. Bring healthy lighting for you and your family.

3. Close to the sun's color rendering index, it can present a real and natural color.

4. PC mask is soft, high light transmittance, the use of sealing design, not easy to enter mosquitoes, to ensure the high light transmittance and service life of the lamp.

5. Using electroplating alumina, hot air convection design, uniform heat dissipation, stable performance.





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