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Higher Quality Surface Mounted Round Panel light

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Flat light is mainly composed of high-power LED chip, drive power, lamp holder, lamp shade and other aspects, compared with ordinary lighting, it has higher power, better light efficiency, longer life, is the best choice for energy saving and environmental protection lighting at this stage. The flat lamp is known as a green pollution-free environmental protection lamp, and its environmental protection advantages are very obvious.

The flat lamp body itself uses epoxy resin rather than traditional glass, which is more solid and reliable, and the LED will not be easily damaged even if it is smashed on the floor, and can be used with confidence.

Flat lamps do not produce ultraviolet light, so there are not many mosquitoes around the lamp source like traditional lamps. The room will become more clean and tidy.

Upgrade your lighting to the next level with our LED Surface Mounted Round Panel Light and experience exceptional brightness, energy efficiency, and convenience. Transform your space into a well-lit and smart environment with this innovative lighting solution.

The main components of the LED panel light are:

① Rear cover plate

The back cover is mainly used to seal the lamp body, for metal aluminum material, generally with 1060 aluminum, visually the overall texture is strong, because it is aluminum, but also can play a role in heat dissipation.

② Aluminum frame

In the selection of aluminum frame, mainly based on the customer's choice of products to design and use. The first is aluminum extrusion molding aluminum frame, this frame surface effect is good, heat dissipation effect is ok; The second is the use of aluminum frame molding, this type of frame ip protection level is guaranteed, the light sealing effect is ok. The overall appearance of the LED panel light is perfect, although the cost is more expensive than the first kind, but mainly according to the customer's custom or test after the arrangement to promote to the customer, the most important thing is to always meet the quality needs of different customers.

④LED light source

⑤ Drive power supply

⑥ Diffusion plate

⑦ Light guide plate





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