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How to distinguish downlights and spotlights?

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How to distinguish downlights and spotlights?

1. According to the definition

(1) A downlight is a downlight lighting fixture embedded in the ceiling.

(2) Spotlights are adjustable-direction lamps that focus light on a small area to serve as accent lighting.

2. According to the appearance

The downlight has a flat body, similar to a ceiling lamp, and consists of a mask and an LED light source. It seems that there are no lamp beads, only a white lampshade panel.

The body of the spotlight is deeper and has a beam angle structure, so the entire body of the spotlight will be deeper. It seems that the beam angle and lamp beads can be seen, which is a bit like the lamp body of the flashlight used before.

3. According to the beam angle

Downlights have a wide beam angle, while spotlights have a narrow beam angle. Generally, the light source is the brightest directly below, and the brightness decreases to both sides. When the luminous intensity on both sides is 50% of the peak value, this is used as the boundary. The angle between the two lines is the beam angle.

Lamps are usually divided into three beam angles: narrow, medium and wide. The narrow beam angle is <20°, the medium beam angle is 20°~40°, and the wide beam angle is >40°. Under other conditions being equal, the larger the beam angle, the smaller the central light intensity, the larger the spot, the smaller the illumination, and vice versa.

4. According to the light effect

The light source of the downlight will radiate from the panel to the surroundings, which is more dispersed but more uniform, and the light will illuminate wider and wider.

The light source produced by spotlights will be relatively concentrated. If the lighting is concentrated in one area, the light will shine farther and brighter.

5. According to the application

(1)Downlight sources are dispersed evenly and are generally used in living rooms, corridors, and large-scale applications without main lights. Through uniform lighting, the entire space appears bright and spacious, and can replace the main light as an auxiliary light source for space lighting.

(2) The spotlight source is relatively concentrated and is mainly used to highlight the design focus of a certain place. It is generally used on the background wall. Under the background of the spotlight, the shapes and decorative paintings on the background wall make the lighting effect of the space clear and layered. Rich sense will make the design highlights better highlighted.





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