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IP68 Waterproof Advanced Retro Wall Lamp For Garden

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LED garden wall lamp is an outdoor lighting device installed on the wall or fence of garden or outdoor space. It mainly provides partial lighting to highlight the specific characteristics or key areas of the garden.


1. The LED garden wall lamp is exquisite and compact, which is more advanced; 

2. High ray of light quality: There are no ultraviolet rays and infrared rays in the light spectrum, so it will not fade the illuminated object; 

3. It made of durable materials such as stainless steel or aluminum, so it has good durability and resistance to outdoor elements.


The installation height of wall lamps is usually low, making cleaning and maintenance relatively convenient. And has a very good decorative effect.

Light source selection and overall layout: 

1. According to the brightness, protection level, power size, service life and other factors, select the appropriate power parameters according to different scenarios. If the private courtyard uses warm light source as far as possible, because too cold or too demon gorgeous light source lacks softness and comfort. 

2. Carry out the corresponding design according to the courtyard style to ensure the harmony of the lighting layout and pay attention to the installation height and distance of the lighting fixtures. Highlight key areas while ensuring relatively uniform illumination to prevent inappropriate dark corners.

The decorative and practical nature of LED garden wall lamps seamlessly integrates functionality and aesthetics. It can not only provide necessary lighting for people, improve nighttime visibility and safety, but also can highlight the highlights of the city, better decorate outdoor spaces and provide aesthetic appeal for outdoor spaces.

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