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Indoor Multi-colour LED Recessed Round Panel Light

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Versatile design: Our LED panel light is a green lighting technology, less power consumption, the product does not contain mercury, less waste, the lamp body adopts high thermal conductivity of high-quality aluminum frame, frame surface spraying or anodic oxidation treatment, the light guide plate has a high rate of light conductivity, the use of high-quality diffusion plate, high light transmittance, light effect is soft and uniform, and no dark areas features a multi-colour LED technology, A variety of different lighting colors for you to choose to use. You can adjust the light color according to different needs and environmental changes, not only no radiation and glare generation, but also can protect the eyesight, the light color is more gentle.

Wide range of applications:  Our LED is a kind of point-shaped luminous body, in the LED product engineering designers through the flexible combination of points, lines, surfaces, can be designed according to customer requirements of a variety of different shapes, different particles of the light source, its design is very flexible. Can meet the different needs of customers.

Excellent customer support: As reputable suppliers, manufacturers, and traders, We are not only in the production process of products at all levels of control, in the product after-sales are also dedicated, we always believe in the principle of sincerity for sincerity! we are committed to providing prompt and reliable customer service, ensuring your satisfaction with our panel light even after purchase.





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