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​LED Emergency Light Usb Outdoor Tent Camping Light Bulb

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In general, this emergency LED bulb is equipped with a large-capacity lithium battery, which automatically charges when there is electric lighting, and continuously charges for multiple lighting. When fully charged and not overcharged, it is automatically protected. After the power supply is cut off, the emergency battery power supply is used to achieve the emergency lighting function of the bulb.

General lighting: Emergency LED bulbs first have a conventional lighting function. In the case of normal power, the emergency LED bulb works like other ordinary bulbs, and the user can turn it on and off by switching it on.

Emergency lighting: The emergency led bulb is different from the ordinary bulb lamp is that it can provide emergency lighting when the power is off, when the power is off, the LED emergency bulb lamp is automatically lit.

Energy saving and environmental protection: Emergency LED bulbs use LED as a light source. LED has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, long life, high brightness and high luminous efficiency. Therefore, emergency LED bulbs have advantages over other incandescent and energy-saving lamps.

Intelligent control: The emergency function and regular lighting function of the emergency LED bulb can be switched automatically, and the user can light it without performing any action after the power failure.

It is composed of lamp holder, constant current drive power supply, radiator, LED lamp board and lamp cover. The lamp shade is made of LED lamp shade with light transmittance greater than 95%, good lighting uniformity and no harm to eyes. The shell of the lamp is kneaded and formed into an aluminum profile, which has excellent heat dissipation and thermal conductivity.

The structure of LED bulbs is relatively messy compared to incandescent lamps, basically divided into light source, drive circuit and radiator. The combination of these parts can produce LED lamp products with low energy consumption, long life, high luminous efficiency and environmental protection.





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