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LED Stair Corridor Intelligent Footlights

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LED floor lights mainly use infrared sensor lamp working principle, because the human body has a constant body temperature, generally about 37 degrees, will emit a specific wavelength of about 10UM infrared, so the lamp sensor head in sensing the infrared emitted by the human body, that is, the light can be on, and vice versa.

Based on this principle, it can well realize the product function of people to light up and people to turn off the light (can adjust the lighting speed and extinguishing delay time), maintain the appearance level and protect the safety of users, but also meet the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection.

When the human body enters the 3M detection area, the sensor detects the infrared ray of the human body and automatically lights up; People move in the detection area, the lights continue to light; After people leave the detection area, the light will be automatically extinguished after 20 seconds; The sensor light has a 120° sensing range, no matter which direction the person enters the detection area, the lamp can start normally. Under the protection of LED sensing footlights, users can see the road under their feet even if they do not turn on the high-brightness lights at night, and they do not need to worry about the danger of bumps and falls.

One of application scenarios ------ bedside:

Excellent bedroom lighting design can make the atmosphere more warm and soft, and help the residents better enter the sleep.

When brewing sleepiness, reading, brushing the mobile phone, too bright light is not needed, the foot light installed around the bed is a very wise choice, lighting is more gentle, not dazzling, but also beautify the light and shadow level of the space, get up at night to go to the bathroom or drink water will be very convenient.

Application Scenario 2 ------ stairs

Stairs winding up, are generally long and narrow, ordinary light is difficult to fully illuminate this area, but in the space of poor light, worry about the risk of stepping empty.

After the installation of the footlights, it can be distributed along the stairs on the wall of each step, providing residents with a full sense of security, but also create a very elegant aesthetic.

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