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​ Led Outdoor Waterproof Point Light Source

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    • LED point light source is a new type of decorative light, is a supplement to linear light source and flood lighting. Through pixel point color mixing to achieve the point and surface effect can replace a certain size of the display of intelligent lamps.

Features: Waterproof point light source. Back seal PU hard glue filling treatment, high waterproof coefficient, up to IP68 grade.

Composition: High flexible folding line, upgraded external control four-core wire. Organic PU hard rubber seal treatment, high bright crystal lamp beads. It comes with a buckle, which is easy to fix when opening holes. Selected shell material, selected raw materials, surface anodized treatment, solid and reliable. There is a breakpoint relay technology, one is damaged, the others will be normal light.

Advantages: LED point light source and LED display can be controlled by computer for real-time transmission of advertising information, play advertising videos, and change advertising content at will.

The LED display has higher pixels, the display accuracy is higher, the close-up effect is better, the LED point light source display also has quite good visual effects when watching at a distance, can meet the long-range visual needs of large advertising, neon billboards are relatively monotonous, can not carry out real-time transmission and replacement of advertising content, the use of poor function.





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