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Manufacturer Wholesale Energy conservation T5 LED TUBE

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Model Voltage

Luminus Flux(Lm)

Product Size D*H(mm) Carton Dimension( cm) LED trips Notice




22 34*285

12 1829.5

2835-0.2W 84PCS

All plastic tube
75-CY6001-7 560lm 22 34*565 12*18*57.5 2835-0.2W 84PCS
T5-CY6001-10 800lm 22*34*870 12*18*88 2835-0.2W 84PCS
T5-CY6001-14 1200lm 22*34*1175 1218*118.5 2835-0.2W 84PCS


  • T8 outer diameter is usually 26mm, T5 is 16mm; The T8 tube corresponds to the G13 cap, the T5 corresponds to the G5 cap, and the T5 is smaller. Because the diameter of the T5 tube is much thinner than that of the T8 and T12 lamp tubes, the elastic collision probability between the inert gas atoms filled with the lamp tubes and the electrons is higher, and the energy loss is smaller, which is also very beneficial to the improvement of the light efficiency. Because the inert gas filled is a unique inert gas mixture, it can not only better protect the cathode of the lamp and help the lamp to jump, but also properly reduce the lamp inflation pressure. Further increase the luminous flux output of the lamp. Therefore, although the power of the lamp is lower, the total luminous flux is not reduced, and the luminous efficiency of the lamp is improved.

  • LED stable performance, no video flash, uniform and soft light, delicate and natural, healthy eye protection

  • Widely used: suitable for cabinets, garages, storage rooms, cabinets, basements, etc

  • Fluorescent lamps in ordinary use, there is a more obvious phenomenon, that is, in family use, T8 lamps are often used, but in public environments such as shopping malls and supermarkets, T5 lamps are often used, why is this?

1. Lighting effect and lighting quality: 

ethereal sunlight color rendering R=100 as the standard, high-performance T5 replacement fluorescent lamp R value: R≧85. The larger the color rendering index R value of the light source, the better the color rendering performance of the light source, the closer to natural light, the better the technical performance of the T5 replacement fluorescent lamp, the working frequency of the electronic ballast, should be above 40 thousand weeks (KHz). The stroboscopic depth of the energy-saving lamp is less than 5%, the luminous flux is stable, and there is no harm of stroboscopic effect.

2. Environmental adaptability: 

T5 series products can work reliably under the following conditions: AC150V-- 260V voltage range, in the power grid with serious harmonics, in the environment of -15℃ ~ 15.50 ℃. d. Life and failure rate: According to the technical level of development and production of high-performance T5 replacement fluorescent lamps. Its average working life should be 10000 ~ 20000 hours, the failure rate should be within 5%.





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