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Mobile Household Regular Ultraviolet Ray Disinfection Sterilization Lamp

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According to relevant data, 93 percent of the world's population breathe "excessive" air. Airborne pathogens are invisible to the naked eye, and most are so small that they can easily pass through standard air filtration facilities. Common family bacteria are: Escherichia coli, influenza A virus, Candida coccus albicans, Staphylococcus aureus, etc.

Product design: lamp is made of high purity quartz glass, higher UV transmission and good sterilization effect; internal protective film technology; E27 screw design, easy installation and replacement.

Product Parameter:

Name: screw mouth type sterilization lamp

Applicable power: 15W / 25W

Voltage: 220V

Product size: 220 * 50mm

Interface: E27

Time of use: more than 30 minutes is recommended

Scope of use: clinic, family, school, etc

Principle: UV sterilization, wavelength in 240-280nm deep UV can destroy the bacterial DNA or PNA molecular structure, causing bacterial death.

Function: high strength, 360 no dead Angle sterilization, 30 minutes to quickly remove bacteria.

Disinfection time: 15 minutes for kitchen / bathroom sterilization; 30 minutes for bedroom / study sterilization; 60 minutes for living room sterilization.

Precautions for use:

1. Ultraviolet light can cause burns to the eyes and skin. Do not stay in the area of ultraviolet light. Please leave the irradiation area immediately after lighting up.

2. After sterilization, please ventilate the space to disperse the odor gas produced by the death of bacteria.

3. After repeated use in the later period, the eye cloth or computer screen cleaning cloth can be used to wipe the lamp tube to maintain the bactericidal effect.





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