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Modern Simple Crystal LED Wall Light Hotel Home

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LED wall lamp is a decorative lighting fixtures which uses light emitting diode as light source and is installed on the wall or furniture wall. LED wall lamps can be divided into unidirectional LED wall lamps and Multi-directional LED wall lamps according to their luminous angles.

Applicable occasions: hotels, shopping malls, entertainment places, office places, exhibition halls, bedrooms, etc.


1.The LED wall lamp is driven by DC, its photoelectric power conversion is nearly 100%. The same lighting effect is more than 80% energy saving than the traditional light source;

2.It uses a solid cold light source, so it emits little heat, which will not make the bulb yellow and accelerate the aging of lamps; 

3. The wafer is encapsulated by epoxy resin, so that the wafer is not easy to be damaged and the whole lamp body is firmer and more durable; 

4. The installation height is low, which is easy to repair and clean ; 

5. Simple and fashionable design style has a good decorative effect, but also can create a comfortable atmosphere.

How to choose a good wall lamp? 

1.Look at the light transmittance of the lampshade through the lighting test.

2.Inspect the metal bracket of the wall lamp for corrosion resistance, and whether the color and paint are beautiful and full.

3. It is best to choose the wall lamp with soft light. The wattage is controlled within 30 watts to reduce the heat generated for damage to the walls.

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