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Multi-function Table Lamp for Outdoor Portable Flashlight

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Product information

Product name: USB Portable desk lamp

Rated current: 1A

Rated voltage: 5V

Rated power: 5W

Material: ABS + PS + electronic original

Product color: gray and white

Dimensions: 160 * 60mm

1. The lamp holder can be folded 90 degrees, the shape can be made at will, and the storage is also very convenient.

2. Breaking the space limitation and multi-form lighting. There are five ways: vertical, hanging, hanging, holding and placing, which can easily meet the needs of various scenes. Where and how to put it is up to you.

%1. 4000k color temperature, further comfortable. Its spectrum is close to that of the sun, and natural light is more suitable for children's growth.

4. Better protection against blue light will keep you away from blue light and better protect your eyesight. (What is blue light? Blue light does not refer to blue light, but refers to light with relatively high energy with a wavelength between 400 nm and 480 nm. Blue light within this wavelength will increase the amount of toxins in the macular area of the eye and seriously threaten our fundus health. )

5. Wall hanging three-angle adjustment, although it is a classic design, but the optical upgrade has also reached the innovative standard, making it more humanized.

6. Adjust the brightness freely to meet different brightness requirements. Touch dimming, you can freely adjust the light according to your age, vision and environment, making study and office easier.

7. A lamp can be used as both a desk lamp and a flashlight. Lightweight and portable, it is easy to take and go, and the lighting intensity is large, the scope is wide, and emergency lighting is more convenient.

8. USB charging is one step ahead of others. Mobile power supply, mobile phone adapter and notebook computer can be connected through USB cable to input current to the product.





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