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Multifunctional LED Surface Mounted Square Panel light

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● Advanced Technology: Our panel light utilizes the latest LED technology, providing efficient and high-quality lighting for your room. At the same time, compared with traditional lamps, our lamps are more energy-efficient, which can save you a lot of money on your electricity bill.

●  Convenient Remote Control: The included remote control allows for easy control of the panel light, making it simple to adjust brightness and color temperature without even getting up. Enables you to save valuable time.

●  Sleek and Modern Design: With its surface-mounted and square shape, our panel light adds a stylish touch to any room. Make your room more simple and beautiful。

●  Durable and Reliable: Constructed with top-notch materials, our panel light is built to last. It is resistant to dust, water, and other external elements, ensuring its longevity and performance.

How to choose LED panel lights

1. According to location

LED panel lights have the characteristics of good illumination uniformity, high color rendering index, soft and comfortable light, and are suitable for offices, schools, hospitals, shopping malls and home lighting. LED panels are classified into different categories based on lighting functions and requirements. When selecting panel lights, you must make different choices based on the lighting location and lighting requirements.

2. According to size

LED panel lights are divided into square, rectangle and circle. Different environments can choose different sizes and shapes of panel lights. For example, if you have a rectangular room, you should choose a rectangle. If you are looking for warmth, you can choose a circle.

3. According to color temperature:

Panel lights are divided into warm white light 3200K, natural light 4000K and positive white light 6000K. Warm white light and natural light will give people a warm and welcoming feeling, and are suitable for use in service places such as hotels and bedrooms. Positive white light can be selected in places with high lighting requirements, such as offices.

4. According to the installation method:

The installation methods mainly include horizontal, Recessed, buckle-mounted, suspended and ceiling-mounted.

5. According to the light emitting mode:

There are two main ways of lighting: side lighting and back lighting. The energy efficiency of back lighting is higher than that of side lighting, and the cost is also lower.

6. According to dimming and color adjustment:

Dimming colors mainly include ordinary non-dimmable coloring, dimmable, adjustable color, and dimmable coloring. Dimming and coloring refers to adjusting the brightness and color of the LED panel light, which is selected according to the lighting needs.





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