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New Ceiling Invisible Fan Light

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Appearance: high light transmission lampshade, the selection of high light transmission material to create durable lampshade, built-in strobe free, brighter home environment. Built-in silicon steel motor, strong power, stable and power saving, quiet and smooth operation, safe load-bearing, durable. PC fan blade, aerodynamic principle like the wing design, more stable air supply, fan blade can be retractable. Paint metal lamp body, selected high quality hardware, paint process anticorrosion and rust, fashion and personality. Seal structure is easy to clean, only once a year cleaning. Triple reinforcement, safe and reliable, smooth operation, reinforcement screws, reinforcement plate, thick hanger ring.

Basic requirements for ceiling fan light installation: Requirements for ceiling installation: floor height ≥2.6M Ceiling bearing capacity ≥30KG. The ceiling for installing ceiling fan lights is recommended to be flat ceiling, if the ceiling has concave round and square design, please use the ceiling surface to calculate the height. Ceiling fan lights can generally be installed on the inclined plane, but the Angle of tilt can not be greater than 30°, otherwise you need to customize the hook to adjust the installation Angle.

Suitable for the lighting area of 8-25 square meters, the fan is turning in summer, the summer is used with air conditioning to accelerate the cooling speed of the space, the winter fan is reversed, the winter is used with heating to improve the indoor hot dryness.


     1. Endurable

Whether it is a ceiling lamp or a chandelier, the more classic and concise the style, the more attractive it is.

     2. Durable

The normal service life is 15000+. According to the normal frequency of use, the probability of problems within 5 years is low. The service life of our high-positioning lamps will be 50000H+, and there will be no major problems in more than ten years.

     3. Light source quality and light experience

The main function of lamps is lighting, and the quality of the light source directly affects the experience of light. The light diffusion effect of ceiling lamps needs to be uniform and soft, while the light diffusion effect of crystal chandeliers needs to be bright and decorative, and there is a certain difference between the two.

     4. Can be controlled intelligently


     1. Decorative

In terms of appearance, fan lights are no longer as monotonous as ceiling fans in the past, but are more beautiful and decorative. The styles are also diverse and very fashionable and beautiful. Many people have begun to choose fan lights as the main lights at home.

      2. Energy saving

Compared with air conditioners and fans, fans are more cost-effective, and ceiling fans used with air conditioners can reduce the load of the air conditioner, accelerate indoor air circulation, and improve the cooling effect.

       3. Silent and safe

Compared with traditional ceiling fans, although the wind is strong, the sound is also loud, and people are always worried that they will fall off when they are turned. This fan light uses silent bearings, which produces much less noise than traditional ceiling fans; it has a built-in steel ceiling fan. Frame, strong bearing capacity and higher safety factor.





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