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Safety High-efficiency LED UFO High-bay Light For Industry

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High-bay light refers to lamp designed to be installed on high ceiling. This fixture is usually larger, have higher lumen output and provide adequate lighting in high ceiling space. It is often used in large commercial spaces, public buildings, sports facilities and industrial environments.


1. The high-bay light belongs to industrial lamp, and it is generally installed in a large space with a high height; 

2. The proprietary diffuse lens and reflector system provides excellent light distribution; 

3. High lumen output: with a luminous flux of 100lm/W and a beam angle of 140 °, providing a wide range of light coverage; 

4. Using forged aluminum as material can make the High-bay light withstand harsh environment; 

5. The spectrum is narrow without filtering and can directly emit colored visible light; 

6. The power of single tube is 0.03-0.06W, which is driven by DC and can be operated at high frequency. The power consumption is one tenth of that of incandescent lamp.

How to choose a high-quality High-bay light?

1. Start-up performance is easy and bright, because some LED lights will be very dark when just turned on, which is not good for the life of the bulb. 

2. Packaging and Trademark: When purchasing, it is necessary to carefully check the parameters and trademarks. Generally speaking, the packaging and printing of high-quality products are detailed and clear, not easy to peel off and have the manufacturer's trademark and relevant certification marks. 

3. Temperature: In the normal working state, the temperature rise is very low. 

4. No flash: There should not be strobe when the lamp is turned on and off and in normal working condition, otherwise the quality of the lamp is poor and the manufacturing technology is not qualified. And strobe lamps have certain harm to our eyes.  

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