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Simple Modern Living Room Ceiling Light

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Acrylic lampshade, uniform light transmittance, dust proof, high light transmittance easy to clean, long service life, intelligent LED light source energy saving, high brightness low light decay restore true color, protect eyes.

Our lamps are strobo-free and protect your eyes. What are the dangers of stroboscopic? Stroboscopic is the phenomenon of light flashing due to voltage changes. We look at the screen of one appliance inside the screen of another appliance, and the screen of the other appliance will have a bright line moving from the bottom of the screen to the top and emerging from the bottom again. This goes on forever, giving us the impression that the image is flashing, which is stroboscopic.

The main hazards of stroboscopic:

1. Causes headaches and eye strain

Many migraine sufferers are very sensitive to light, such as bright lights and flickers, which are more likely to cause migraines. Slow flashes are often more likely to cause migraines than fast flashes.

2. Autism occurs

Children with autism are particularly sensitive to changes in their environment, and stroboscopic lighting increases the recurrence of this behavior.

3. Trigger photosensitive epilepsy

Light-sensitive people in the 3-70HZ range of visible light modulation, even short exposure will have seizures, which will affect about 1/4000 people aged 5-24 years old, usually around puberty, and 75% of the population will be sensitive to light for life.

4. Distract yourself

The area around the human eye's field of view is more sensitive to stroboscopic flashes, such as stroboscopic signals or the rapid modulation produced by car taillights that will entice drivers to keep staring. Taking your eyes away in advance can be dangerous to the driver or to people and objects on the road. A strobe source combined with a running machine will produce an opening and closing effect, causing damage to humans that will result in significantly different moving and stopping speeds.





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