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Smart Multi-colour LED Surface Mounted Square Panel light

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● Energy saving, our LED panel light is in line with international standards, and energy efficient, with no pollution to life, consumption is also the lowest, than ordinary energy-saving lights saving more than 70% of electricity. and is the life of ordinary lamps 10-50 times. Not only can save resources, but also protect the environment.

● Superior soft light technology, Our panel fixtures utilize a side lighting solution that combines frosted acrylic light guides with high reflectivity and no light absorption, thus converting a dazzling linear LED light source into a soft area light source that eliminates glare and visual fatigue and improves visual effects.

● Protect your family's safety, Our panel lights have passed the relevant certifications. Lighting circuit design includes short-circuit protection, high-quality insulation, and fireproof plastic housing, preventing electric shock, electric leakage, or even short-circuit caused by potential disasters, so that you can use peace of mind!

The features of LED panel light:

1. Made of environmentally friendly materials, it is a green lighting product and does not contain polluting elements such as mercury and lead;

2. Use soft light technology to expand the point light source into a surface light source. The light is soft and not dazzling, eliminating visual fatigue caused by glare and sublimating the visual effect.

3. Using a 100-240VAC power supply voltage, it can be suitable for different power grid voltages in many countries;

4. High color rendering index, strong color reproduction, clear vision, no distortion when viewing objects, suitable for high-end commercial lighting places, suitable for learning and office use.

Dimensions can be designed and customized according to customer requirements; the color of the lamp can be single color or adjustable multi-color.





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