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Stability Energy-saving LED Mining Light With High Lumen

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Mining lamp also known as high ceiling lamp, is an energy-efficient indoor LED lamp, which can be widely used in industrial workshops, production workshops, supermarkets, exhibition halls, sports and entertainment venues and warehouses. According to the classification of Ming function, it can be divided into general lighting and partial lighting.


1. There are a variety of installation methods, such as seat type and suspender type, which are simple to install, convenient to disassemble and wide in application range; 

2. The color rendering index CRI (Ra) is more than 80, and the emitted color is pure, without noise, covering all bands of the whole visible light. It can be combined into any desired visible light by R\G\B; 

3. Green environmental protection: free of lead, mercury and other pollution elements;

4. Excellent explosion-proof performance, which can be used safely in various flammable and explosive places.


1. Constant current and constant voltage control is adopted, which has a wide applicable voltage and overcomes the instability of lighting caused by ballast power grid and noise pollution; 

2. The high-power LED light source integrated with multiple chips is more than 75% energy saving than the traditional lamps with equal brightness. Generally, the luminous rate of 100W LED industrial mining lamps is equivalent to that of 250W traditional industrial mining lamps; 

3. The crystal lens is used for light distribution to meet the lighting needs of different occasions; 

4. Adopting the principle of fan changing air and cooling, it can fully dissipate heat; 

5. The angle locking device is adopted for lamps, which can ensure that the long-term working angle will not change under the vibration environment.

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