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Three-color Ultra-thin Simple Suction Ceiling Lamp

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Product Parameter:

Color temperature: 3000k-6000k Warranty period: Three years
Voltage: 220V-240V Light source type: LED lens lamp beads
Light body and lampshade auxiliary material: Flame-retardant PP material + acrylic Luminescent color: White light, warm light, natural light


1. Multiple colors and sizes, provide more choice space.

2. Strong sealing, mosquito prevention, dust proof, waterproof. Integrated molding lamp body sealed chassis, effectively prevent mosquitoes, solid dust and water vapor into, avoid lamps internal short circuit and aging, prolong the service life.

3. The new and upgraded high light transmittance acrylic mask improves the brightness while keeping the light efficiency of the whole lamp uniform and comfortable.

4. The lamp body is thin, the frame is thin to 2cm, farewell to thick, farewell to space depression.

5.  The shell adopts PP flame retardant material, flame retardant and durable. Not only cold and high temperature resistance, but also good acid and alkali resistance, can adapt to a variety of harsh environment.

6. One light three colors, the appearance of simple and generous, can meet the different lighting atmosphere, applicable to the scene is also wide range.

Common ceiling lamps have three light emitting modes: direct downward emitting, light guide plate side emitting, and linear silicone lampshade. This lamp belongs to the direct downward emitting method.





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