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Traditional PC E27 Led Downlight Fixture

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  • Our traditional down lights are carefully designed to give prevalent indoor lighting that upgrades the feeling of any room. The painstakingly chosen materials guarantee sturdiness and life span, permitting you to partake in the brilliance of these lights long into the future.

  • Downlight is a direct type of flood lighting, the luminous angle is not adjustable, the beam angle is usually relatively large, the common ones are 50 °, 70 °, 100 °, 120 °, and with a soft light diffuser, mainly to provide bright and comfortable light for the whole space.

  • In modern home lighting, it is generally used for basic lighting or auxiliary lighting, such as living rooms, corridors, balconies and other locations.

Precautions for the use of downlights

1. The lamp cup using high-voltage (110V/220V) power supply should not work in the state of frequent power on-off, which will affect its life.

2. Install in a flat place without vibration, no swaying and no fire hazard, and pay attention to avoid falling from height, collision of hard objects, and knocking.

3. If it is out of service for a long time, the downlight should be stored in a cool, dry and clean environment, and it is forbidden to store and use it in humid, high temperature or flammable and explosive places.

How to choose a downlight

(1) Look at style and appearance

Although downlights are generally designed to be relatively simple, it is still more important to choose a lamp that you think looks good.

The choice of downlight also needs to look at the quality, downlight is generally composed of light sources, now generally lamp beads, drivers, lamp cups and other structural components.

(2) Looks at the drive

Because the drive is inside, so the outside is generally not visible, so we can only see through the relevant parameters, such as warranty time, drive power factor, efficiency, etc.

(3)Looks at the lamp beads

Because the lamp beads are also inside, so can not see the quality, but we can know the quality of the lamp beads from whether there is glare, the softness of the light, the warranty time, if the optical distribution of the lamp beads is not reasonable, it will cause glare, if the lamp beads have a long warranty time, it means that heat dissipation and so on can be done, heat dissipation is done well, the service life of the lamp beads is guaranteed.





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