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USB Emergency Rechargeable LED Light Bulbs

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In emergency situations, provide lighting and evacuation guidance for personnel evacuation and fire-fighting operations.

Main features:

long emergency working time, flame-retardant shell material, high luminous efficiency, and automatic emergency start after power outage. The surface of the lamp is designed with a power switch and indicator light. It is suitable for power outages in factories, hotels, schools, units and other public places. Used for emergency lighting in case of power outage.


1. Small and portable, light up with one touch, high brightness and energy saving, and long battery life.

2. Flexible and portable: It comes with a metal hook, no installation or base required, and can be hung anywhere to provide lighting. Not only suitable for night market stalls, but also can be used for power outage emergencies, adventure camping, outdoor operations, dinner parties and barbecues, and night fishing.

3. Three levels of dimming: The cycle switch button has three levels of dimming function. The brightness decreases each time it is pressed. The buttons are sensitive and the gears can be switched at will.

4. High brightness and energy saving: Energy-saving LED chips are selected, the light is bright and soft without glare, durable and non-yellowing; with a high light transmission PP mask, the light transmission is clear and there is no dark area.

5. USB charging: Charging is as convenient as a mobile phone. It can be easily adapted to most charging cables and supports power bank charging, car charging, computer charging, etc.

6. Splash-proof: Internal sealing structure, splash-proof and moisture-proof design, protect circuit devices from short circuit; high-quality power supply, stable performance, low loss in safe operation, and long service life.



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