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Warm White Classic Clear Glass LED Filament Light

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LED filament light is designed with multiple LED filaments that emit light in all directions instead of a single point source. The filaments are aligned to create an even, warm light, very similar to that of an incandescent bulb. Bright enough with 2700K of warm and pleasant light to create a gorgeous all-round lighting effect for any occasion, gentle on the eye.

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A variety of shapes and sizes


How to select the lamp holder?

The bottom of the bulb, the part of the lamp holder, is inserted into the lamp holder to fix the bulb and connect it to the power source. Lamp holders on the market have different mechanical structures and sizes, so when replacing and installing light bulbs, you need to select different bulbs according to the model of the lamp holder. It is a common mistake that we make when we buy light bulbs with different interfaces, only to find out when they are installed that they do not match the lamp holder.

Because there are many sizes of lamp holders, it is often difficult to determine which type of lamp holder to choose to hold the light bulb. Sometimes if you choose a lamp holder that is not commonly used, you will have difficulty purchasing suitable bulbs in the future.





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