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Xiamen University has developed a 275-nm nitride ultraviolet LED anti-virus plane light source.

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Xiamen University has developed a 275-nm nitride ultraviolet LED anti-virus plane light source.

A few days ago, it was reported in a journal that the research group of Professor Kang Junyong and Associate Professor Yin Jun of Xiamen University according to the ultraviolet light absorption characteristics of the genetic material and proteins in pathogenic bacteria to developed a high-power (3.2 W) flat light source composed of 275-nm nitride LED, which can effectively kill Covid-19, H1N1 influenza virus and Staphylococcus aureus in one second.

High-power deep ultraviolet plane light source.(A) nitride solid state light source module; (b) wavelength of light source module and ultraviolet absorption characteristics of microorganisms; (c) effect of light source on killing bacteria.

It is reported that the research team used the solid-state plane light source to explore the influence of unknown factors such as virus mutant and low temperature environment on the disinfection effect of DUV. It is found that in a frozen environment (such as-50 degrees Celsius), a significantly higher dose of ultraviolet radiation is needed to achieve the same lethal rate at room temperature. For the first time, the research team established a large relaxation negative U model of biological photoelectric effect to explain the influence of temperature factors.

The team pointed out that at low temperature, the electrons excited by DUV are more likely to be recaptured by active genetic molecules and returned to the initial photoionization position. It is noteworthy that due to the characteristics of genetic material and protein, Omicron needs a significantly higher dose of DUV to achieve the same killing effect as other strains.

Based on the actual disinfection data, the research team established the dose-effect relationship between DUV light dose and germicidal efficacy, which provided scientific basis for relevant practitioners to quickly obtain the effective ultraviolet radiation dose for killing Covid-19 at different temperatures. This has a guiding role in how to use DUV to suppress the epidemic in novel coronavirus, especially under low temperature conditions (such as food cold chain logistics and open air environment in winter).

The team pointed out that the findings of the study are of great significance for human society to use deep ultraviolet photons for disinfection under cold conditions.





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