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Flashlight Strong Charging Outdoor Searchlight

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  • Nowadays, many people feel tired in the face of the pressure of work and life, so sometimes they will ask friends to go to nature to camping outdoors to experience life, then camping outdoors may need to prepare some outdoor equipment, of which a flashlight is a very important equipment.

  • Outdoor searchlight is a kind of lighting fixture that can be used outdoors. In outdoor occasions, the light source of this lamp is large, so it can have a good lighting range. It can use a mirror or lens to focus the emitted beam in a very small solid Angle (generally less than 2 degrees of tools) to obtain greater light intensity.

  • Long life searchlight, explore the aurora journey, large capacity rechargeable battery, built-in charging cable box, charging cable hidden in the cable box, double adjustment, push switch, strong light optional.

  • Large diameter lamp cup, irradiation area is wider, high light beads using LED, high power lamp beads, light concentration, high brightness, long service life.

  • 1800mAh large capacity, 15 hours long battery life, large capacity battery can be a long time lighting, the power cord is connected to the mains, the charging indicator is on, indicating that it is in the charging state.

  • Large space portable, handle fixed enough space, easy to use the handle heavy strong durable, easy to carry.

Selection Suggestions:

On foot

Walking generally does not need too high brightness, due to the longer time, you can try to choose a lighter flashlight, while having a longer battery life. Under normal circumstances, the flashlight needs to take into account a moderate concentration and flooding. However, the leader still needs a brighter flashlight, and has a certain range. It's easier to explore the terrain.

Camp out

Floodlight must be better, the demand for brightness is low, but be sure to choose a long life outdoor flashlight, it is best to continuously illuminate more than all night, such a flashlight has advantages in convenience and cost of use.

Night ride

Because the speed is fast, it needs good brightness, and it also has high requirements for battery life, and it is best to achieve continuous lighting for 4 hours. Floodlight is more important for night riding, and the spotlighting part should not be too convergent. The night rider is not sensitive to weight, so in order to meet the performance requirements, a larger flashlight can be appropriately selected, and pay attention to whether it is conducive to operation and whether it is conducive to clamping.





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